Homayoon Abedini

I’m Homayoon Abedini, a twenty two year-old guy who has graduated from Arak University of Technology. I started studying Mechanical (Manufacturing) engineering in that university in 2014. Actually, my university was an engineering faculty of Iran University of Science and Technology until 2010, in which it became independent and started its activities as an independent university. IUST is one of the most famous universities in Iran, and it has a high rank among universities in my country. http://www.webometrics.info/en/Asia/Iran%20%28Islamic%20Republic%20of%29

Some of the faculty professors remained in our university and continued teaching. Moreover, we took advantage from devices and instruments which were bought before 2010 by the help of IUST’s especial budget.

I became interested in some fascinating subjects after passing some certain courses. Courses like CAD/CAM, Quality Control, CNC and Non-traditional Machining Processes really helped me to become interested in continuing my studies in programs like Process Planning, Production Planning and Scheduling, Optimization and Maintenance, Automatic Quality Control and Additive Manufacturing. On the other hand, my experience in Andazeh Negasht Co. has made me interested in Metrology and Calibration, and I’m looking forward to learning more about it in my future studies.

I started working in Andazeh Negasht Co. in 2016 (partial-time) while I was in the 5th semester. The reason for this was my motivation in gaining industrial experience. I believed that I must start gaining valuable experiences as soon as possible, and surprisingly, I came up with Andazeh Negasht Co. which its field of activity was so close to the things that I had learned. Metrology and measurement systems was one of the courses I had passed in the second semester, so the activity fitted me well; and I’m still in this company doing different kinds of activities such as calibrating weighing instruments like balances, length and angle measuring instruments like calipers and rulers, and glasswares such as pipette.

Welding has been another interesting topic for me during the last two years. My final project in bachelor period was about TIG Welding on aluminum 7075 and its effect on the mechanical properties of this metal. It took me almost 1 year to be completed and the results were thoroughly stunning. It has been considered as one the most advanced methods of welding nowadays, and it is becoming more and more essential in science and technology.

Homayoon Abedini CV


      ۵۴ Koroush St, Tehran Iran            homayoonwtb@gmail.com

            ۹۸-۹۱۲-۰۲۱۳۳۲۵                           Skype Name: Homayoonbdb



۲۰۱۴-۲۰۱۸          B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing,

                             Arak University of Technology, Markazi Province, Iran

                             (former engineering faculty of Iran University of

                             Science and Technology located in Arak, Markazi

                             Province, Iran) [1]

  • GPA: 15.28/20 ~ (3.3/4)

Awards and Honors

۲۰۱۶                    Achieved top rank (score 88/100) in CATIA general

                             exam held in AmirKabir University of Technology

                             (PolyTechnique), Tehran

۲۰۱۴                    Received full scholarship from Arak University of

                             Technology (tuition waived)

۲۰۰۹                    Qualified for the National Mathematics Olympiad


Research Interests

  • Optimization, Maintenance and Inspection
  • Process Planning and Manufacturing Systems Design
  • Automatic Quality Control
  • Metrology and Calibration
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • TIG Welding

Selected Courses

  • Heat Treatment of Steels (A+)
  • Machinability (A+)
  • Welding Technology (A+)
  • Casting Technology (A+)
  • CNC (A+)
  • Mechanical Design of Machine Components I&II (A)
  • NDT (A)

Working Experience

۲۰۱۸                    Internship II, Quality Control Unit, Porsoo Electric Co.

۲۰۱۷                    Internship I, Metrology Lab, Andazeh Negasht Co.

۲۰۱۶-present     Calibration assistant, working as mass, volume and

                             length and angle calibrator, Metrology Lab,

                             Andazeh Negasht Co.

Teaching Experience

Post-Secondary teaching experience

۲۰۱۵                    Teaching Assistant of English Language in Department

                             of Foreign Languages in Arak University of Technology

Additional teaching experience

۲۰۱۳-present     Holding various and different English Private Classes



  • Abedini, H., Elahi, H. (2018). Inspection of Active TIG Welding Method on Aluminum 7075. Report prepared for Department of Manufacturing as the proposal of Final Project of Bachelor.

Book Translation

  • Elahi, H., Mashhadgarmeh, M., Abedini, H., (2016-2018) Resistance Welding; Fundamentals and application, Zhan, H., Senkara, J., Taylor and Francis group, Farsi translation (under revision)

Academic Projects

  • Designed a Shop Crane with CATIA in Machine Component Design I
  • Designed and developed a Hydraulic Escalator in Hydraulics and Pneumatics course
  • Experimented different fluxes in TIG Welding project
  • Manufactured oval-shaped metal pieces and sheets via Milling CNC machine


Non-academic projects

  • Determined the calibration intervals with Weibull Model by using the records of reference devices’ calibration data in MINITAB
  • Translation of Quantum Theory Documentary for the Department of Physics, Arak University of Technology

Workshops and Seminars

۲۰۱۸                    International Standards Day Conference held by Iranian

                             National Standards Organization, Tehran

۲۰۱۷                    International Metrology Day Seminar held by Iranian

                             National Standards Organization, Karaj

۲۰۱۷                    Fundamentals of Calibration, Uncertainty of  Metrology

                             And QC with MINITAB courses in Andazeh Negasht Co.

۲۰۱۶                    Mechanical Multi-functional Softwares Workshop,

                             Arak University of Technology


Computer Skills

  • MINITAB: Advanced
  • CATIA: Partial
  • PowerPoint, Excel and Word: Advanced

Language Skills

  • English: Advanced – IETLS Band Score 6.5 (Listening:6.5, Reading:7.5, Writing:6, Speaking:6)
  • French: Basic
  • Arabic: Basic


۲۰۱۴-۲۰۱۵      Member of Scientific Forum of Manufacturing

                          Engineering, Arak University of Technology

Interests and Hobbies

  • Basketball (professional from 2008 to 2014)
  • Hiking and Jogging
  • Video games



Homayoon’s certificats in below

Catia            Fundamentals of Calibration      IELTS        Iran Language Institute        Minitab          Uncertainty        Software Workshop     

                         CV of Homayoon